Delrio Racing....The DIRTROCKET by SKYROCKET !


Chase in the DirtRocket by Skyrocket !! SKYROCKET CHASSIS !!



Feb 18th and 19th


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Pics below from practice feb 13th at ark la tex speedway 

Photos courtesy of Kandice Crabtree


 Thanks to Kandice Crabtree for the photos

At TEXAS DIRT , Rosebowl ,  for Turkey Nationals  , ABOVE


 16 yr old Chase Delrio in the Lionel Crooks Express DirtRocket by Skyrocket chassis !! 

From Left : Scott (Chases Dad ), Chase,Austin, Alan , Jackie ( Chases Grandad ), Mr. Lionel ( Car Owner )

Chase in the #27 Dirt Rocket Dw-8 .... AMS Powered Machine !!




Next Race: Pike County Speedway for the Soup Bowl Dec 12th and 13th !!!


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Turkey Nationals at Texas Dirt November 28th ,  $1000 to win mods !!!

 We spent the week getting the Ams Race engine powered Dirt Works DW-8 modified ready for the Turkey Nationals at Texas Dirt Motorplex in Tyler , Tx.... We arrived at 2:45 pm only to learn hot laps were at 2 and the draw cut of fat 2 so we would start at the rear of heat 2 . With 36 mods only top 12 in points locked in ,no hot laps and starting 9th , we knew chase had his work cut out for him. Chase would watch from his car ,howard willis win the 1st heat, He said he figured he would try to match howards line. At the start chase went into turn 3 on the high side too hot and would spin the Dirt Works out , On the restart chase would stay mid track and lower and would advance into the 4th position and catch 3rd . On lap 7 the 3rd place car would enter turn 3 too hot and start to spin when chase went to pass under, and the 3rd place clipped the rr of chase which corrected his car but sent us up the track , we would gather it up and still finish 4th. Knowing something was amiss with the car , we cked air pressures and found the right rear low on air which was why chase said he felt loose in and tight off. We tightened the bolts on the bead lock again and found a couple that were loose . After checking the line up we had qualified 13th  , so we would start pole in the 1st B-main, after making a small change and cking air pressure once more, we sent dirt rocket out in the AMS powered Dirt Works , At the drop of the green the outside pole car would get the jump to turn 1 only to have a caution , on the next restart chase was ready as they entered turn 1 the outside pole car would spin and be moved to the rear , When the green flag waved Chase would move out to a commanding lead over 2nd , as 2 more cautions would bunch the field back up , the final 6 laps went caution free and chase would  have the Dirt Works on a rail as he won the b main by nearly half a track over 2nd . This would put Dirt Rocket starting  in the 13th position.  At the start of the feature chase would hold his line and try to stay out of trouble on the sandy 3/8 mile track , but on lap 3 in 11th cars would start stacking up for trouble in front causing chase and another car to get together , not knowing but the door bar on the right side was pushed back into the rr tire. On the restart chase running in the 11th position would make another lap b4 another caution would slow the action once more and chase feeling something wasnt right pulled up for us to ck the car when we noticed the flat as he approached , ending our nite in the 22nd position. We still had an awesome time and look forward to next years event !! Congratulations to Howard Willis on the feature win and also thanks to roger with disspayne photography ... for the opportunity to take some pictures and also mike wickam from racestar ....



 CHASE PICS FROM HEAT RACE ...... more in gallery



for the pictures !!!




Jumbalaya at Pike County in McComb ,Ms . November 13th and 14th  $1500 to win mods !!!
Awesome weather was on tap for the jambalaya 100 , as we joined our friends of Chris Huckabay ( D6 ) , James Harper ( 88 ) , Timmy Culp ( C8 ) , Lew Lyles ( 125 ) and Jody Davidson (90 ) in the pits along with the other Modifieds , We would line up in the 5th position in the second heat race . We got word in the drivers meeting they would allow hot laps , so we got the ams racing powered Dirt Works ready , When the green was thrown for hot laps , chase would pick the throttle up , only to sling the drive shaft , After diagnosing the problem being the pinion yoke was shorter on this set of gears , so we ground the pinion threads down for u joint clearance and put in another driveshaft and got ready again. Chase really didnt know what to expect as this was only his 4th race in the mod and 1st time at Pike County Speedway, We would go out for our heat race and on the first lap the track had dried out and began to slick out in places ,chase would set up too hard going into turn 3 and ended up spinning the dirt works , so back to original line up put us back in the 5th starting position . This time chase was ready as he moved into 4th position on the 2nd lap and 3rd position on the 4th lap  and made the pass for 2nd on the next lap, but on lap 6 he would push and let the 115 car back into 2nd , after a caution on lap 7 we would line up 3rd and 3 strait restarts chase would get the 2nd position only to have a caution come out and we would go back to 3rd. On the next restart chase went to make his move only to have 2nd place move down as they came off the corner , as chase tried to keep his car under him the two would make contact and chase would end up sideways but after saving it and still going he would enter turn 1 only to have the 51 car spin in front of chase and with no time to react we would get collected ending our run in the heat race and lot of repairs to make as it smashed the radiator and fan and upper shock bar was broken also. A POSITIVE NOTE WAS  The 88 car ended up 4th in our heat race , and heat 3 was 1 2 3 wth the c8 , D6 and 90 in that order so our gang had all made the top 16 , we would have to come through the b main. Day 2 was just as awesome weather wise, we would get the AMS Powered Dirt works repaired , thanks to ricky culp for the welder use and timmy culp for the radiator, and lew for the driveshaft, We would end up starting in the 23rd position as they took all 32 mods to the feature , no B-main , Chase would take the first 2 laps to let traffic weed itself out and get to the outside to stay out of trouble , With each lap chase would put the AMS Powered Dirt Works to the ground as he would take over 18th on lap 5 , first caution, When the green dropped chase would waste no time making his move on the outside , on lap 11 the 8 car would nearly spin his car off turn 4 on the bottom giving chase the advantage as he was on the outside with momentum on his side chase  would go into turn 1 , 13th but the AMS Powered Dirt Works would come out 11th and make the pass for 10th down the back straitaway, chase would run down 9th when a caution would fly on lap 14 , C8 was 2nd , D6 was 4th ,90 was 6th , 88 was 8th and we were 10th, on the 2nd lap after the caution , the 4th place car ( 124 )would spin in the corner catching the 90 , the 88, two others, car number not known ,the 115 and us , as all 5 of us went to the rear , the 88 would have to retire to the pits , on the restart we knew something was amiss as the car had trouble on entry , thinking we had a bent spindle or something with the front end , chase would end up 14th at the end , when he got to the trailer we noticed thr rt front was low and had a cut in it  , ( 5 psi left )  after 10 minutes it was completely flat , still Awesome time was had by all , C8 ended up 2nd , D6 was 4th and the 90 would rebound back to 8th ,great run for the posse!! NEXT RACE will be Turkey Nationals at Texas Dirt November 28TH and then back to Pike County for the Soup Bowl on Dec 12th and 13th !!

OCTOBER 24th 2009 ...... 1st race

We went to Drew County Speedway with the Dirt Works and the 406 AMS RACING powerplant and would start 6th in the heat , On the 1st lap going into 1  he would ck up for the car in front of him and get tagged in the left rear , but only some bent sheet metal , so we would restart and chase had worked his way to 5th and went to the outside for 4th when he jumped the cushion and fell to seventh and well back of 6th but after gathering it up , chase would make the pass for 6th and be on 5th place bumper at the line . We would  fix the quarter panel when we noticed the shock leaning against the rear end , ( bolt came out ) we would bolt it back up , no other damage . We made small change to it and got ready for the feature . Chase started 6th and seemed to be searching for a line when he noticed the 47 of randy thompson,and the line he was using , so chase changed his line to the same thing and would end up passing for 4th and catching the top 3 , with a couple cautions in the mix , chase would continue his pursuit of 3rd pulling next to 3rd a couple times , on the white flag lap chase would try to cross over for third but when he moved up on entry into 1 the 51 of john palasini would use this to his advantage and use the low line to take 4th from us , which left us in the 5th position at the line .... Great run for the first time in our Dirt Works !!


 OCTOBER  31st- NOV 1st The Spooky 50 !!

With the spooky this year being moved to sat -sund because of rain , we knew the track could get a little rough , chase would pull the 12 pill and would be starting outside pole next to the 88 car of james harper being driven by kevin mccoy and with the likes of Chris Huckabay and Lee Patton also in our heat we knew we had to be ready !! Chase would jump out to the early lead and pace the field for the first 4 laps before making an error by moving to the middle of the turn into 3 hitting a rut and unable to get down and would give The D6 machine of Chris Huckabay the bottom , but chase would battle back to pull ahead but could not get the AMS RACING powered Dirt Works back in front and would end up 2nd followed closely by the JP5 of Lee Patton for 3rd. This would put us starting 6th for the feature on Sunday.

Sunday would bring the same challenging track conditions despite the efforts by the track to prevent the holes and ruts but to no avail, Chase would start the race and get down to follow the JP5 of Lee Patton, that started 5th by way of the points system used in the heat races , Chase would run 6th and try a couple times to get the 5th position from the Jp5 but with very little room for error, we had to bide our time , with a caution putting us on the inside on arestart we felt this would be the break we needed but after the Jp5 of Lee Patton Had to ck up for another car in front of him chase would end up getting into the left rear of Jp5 , and breaking a tie rod bolt ending the nite for Chase in the AMS powered Dirt Works, also a big Shout out to the D6 of Chris Huckabay as he would prevail to take the $1300 top prize with his impressive feature win in the 2009 SPOOKY 50!!!


SPOOKY 50 Heat race video link below





Hot Lapping at Practice february 09 at Fasttrax speedway

some pics of the new dirt works modified below , thanks to kim palmertree for the pics..............

JANUARY  2009  !!!!                       NEW BODY FINALLY FINISHED !!!!!!




Pictures below from hot laps november 18th 08 1st annual winternationals

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 November 8th Video of hot laps where motor blows





Also ck out Randy Thompson in the #47 Dirt Works Modified  this is the other car i ( scott ) crew for .pic of randy below


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